Last week, we at MELDRONE.BE were contacted by a reputable Belgian company working in sewer management.

Problem: A major ground subsidence in a major city with risk of houses collapsing, ( public) transport completely shut down, etc..
An urgent intervention is necessary and entering the place by persons is completely out of the question because of the great danger….

Solution : Using THE indoor inspection drone FLYABILITY ELIOS 3 , equipped with a lidar.

From a safe distance, the drone is controlled and sent into the sinkhole. The engineers can follow the flight in real time on a second screen and thus can immediately take important decisions if necessary.

Without any danger, this job is completed in a very short time ( 1h) and the situation is completely clear.

The entire flight is automatically recorded

With the software , which comes with the drone , We can immediately and easily review the entire flight or even in more detail. Exact measurements can be made. In this way it is quickly established that as much as 500 !!! cubic meters have been washed away ! This software program then automatically produces an inspection report ready for immediate transmission to partners such as insurance companies, etc.

In short : Flyability, ELIOS 3 , you have proved once again that you are the tool in dangerous and difficult to access areas… for the sake of

➡️ safety, except for the rats there were no living creatures present during the inspection (if the rats survived, we regret we cannot tell you).

➡️ Speed : huge time savings

➡️ Accuracy : exact and correct measurements , volume calculations,etc

➡️Thanks to you we also have saved on personnel costs and time.

➡️ You delivered superior image quality compared to “normally used” techniques

➡️ Despite the bad conditions , you remained stable in the air again

Because of the lidar you have no competition and the delivered quality in accuracy and calculation is unequalled.

Convinced of our solution ?

➡️If you do inspection in difficult to access, dangerous areas such as sewers, chimneys, tanks, pipes, caves, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us. Save lives and money as well!




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